Killer nerd

A nerd is harassed by punks, and is the object of ridicule at work. Enamoured by a co-worker, he buys a tape series on how to be cool, summons up his nerve. Killer Nerd is a comedy horror film. It was directed by Mark Steven Bosko and Wayne Alan Harold and stars Toby Radloff in his first film. Plot - Production - Reception. BUY NOW: -of-killer-nerd-dvd Directed by Mark Steven Bosko, Wayne A.

25 Oct - 6 min - Uploaded by Morgue Asylum Crazy ass killer nerd on the loose Wasting all those who tore him down and made his life a. Nerdy, sexually frustrated Harold Kunkle gets gory but inventive revenge upon Click the link below to see what others say about Killer Nerd!. Nerdy social misfits Harold Kunkle and Thelma Crump fall in love and Click the link below to see what others say about Bride of Killer Nerd!.

9 hours ago I don't wanna hear any of you out there giving Jon Risinger a hard time about appearing in this. 16 Mar - 92 min You'd think a movie that opens with an inexplicable, grainy striptease would have its shit. Starring – Toby Radloff (American Splendor, The Oh in Ohio), Mimsel Dendak ( Bride of Killer Nerd), and Tony Zanoni (The Bubble, Cordoba.