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Aion RainMeter 2.x by amenagement-combles-le-mans.com, also defined by “ARM”. EVEN IF AUTHOR OR LICENSOR HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. aiDPSMeter - Aion DPS Meter. aiDPSMeter is a network-based information tool for Aion. aiDPSMeter shows damage, heal and animation speed, PvP instances. aiDPSMeter - Aion DPS Meter. New version aiDPSMeter () is available here. to make available the next version. aiDPSMeter is a network- based.

26 Apr - 10 min - Uploaded by Misto Setting up and installing aion rain meter, if you want to clear the dps just click the red X. Is DPS Meter allowed or is it banable? If its allowed what is the recomended and best accurate dps metter at this moment?. Aion RainMeter (ARM) is a damage and dps/ap meter tool for Aion aimed to replace the old KDM which was abandoned a long time ago.

Random game right off the top of my head. Black Desert does not have it. I am sure there are plenty others that have no DPS meter either. 0. The game I played previously had a built-in DPS meter and since playing that game I have missed it a lot. It was nice to have to compare DPS. Damage Meter for AION Online (historic & non-functional) - bonesoul/aionmeter. aiDPSmeter [damage meter, heal meter, check teams, Detect cheaters!] - posted in Aion Guides: Link: amenagement-combles-le-mans.com