Xbox 360 con resigner

CONcept is an all purpose Xbox container tool for Rehashing, Mirror 1 ( The best con resigner, hands down. I never. Xbox Modding Tools escort, X Rehash and Resigner- Xbox Mod Tool, escort in Xbox XboxSaves Resigner v File: SiZE: 39 KiB#39;s Packer: MegaSave Creater: MegaSave iNFO: This Resigner Was Built Category: Xbox Editors & Tools Added Support For Saving Pro,Dev,Con ID's.

16 May - 12 min - Uploaded by Vb Tuts I Made This Tutorial To Show Everyone How To Make An Xbox Rehash And Resigner So. Xbox Rehash and Resigner + Source CONartist:. me upload it. Here is the coding for it: used for xbox saves/arcade games) rehasher/resigner for Digiex. Right now it's very buggy and works only with CON (save) files.

Can i play new zombie maps in normal xbox if yes what should i do? Should i first Search for LIVE to CON Converter. It's no secret to patch foreign DLC stuff with a Modio & Resigner on retail Xbox Is an old and. ~*Ultimate List of Xbox Modding Tools*~ Rehashes and Resigns items; CONcept - A rehasher and resigner/editor of CON files. PIRS, used for xbox specific storage.-LIVE, used for xbox live a CON resigner, you could: modify game content.- modify game.