Bamse film

Bamse och tjuvstaden Poster Bamse - världens starkaste björn! .. Suddenly I hear about a Bamse movie being made, headed for the big screen in traditional. Olof Thunberg. The adventures of Bamse - the strongest bear in the world - and his friends Shellman and Little Skip. Bamse i Trollskogen (TV Movie ). Swedish films Bamse och häxans dotter () Morgan Alling, Leif Andrée, Maria Bolme, Tomas Bolme, Malin Cederblad, Christer Morgan Alling, Leif Andrée, Bamse - världens starkaste björn! Bamse och den lilla åsnan. Bamse.

His son, also named Christer finds out that Bamse belongs to his father's lover Barbro Persson. He tries to humiliate her, introducing her to his mother as his new. Bamse – Världens starkaste björn is a Swedish cartoon created by Rune Andréasson. The highly popular children's. Teddy Bear and the City of Thieves is a animated feature film featuring Bamse. Voice cast[edit]. Tomas Bolme - Berättare; Peter Haber - Bamse; Morgan .